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Euclid City Council mulls overriding mayor s veto concerning police department review

Euclid City Council will reconsider a resolution calling for an updated evaluation of the police department after Mayor Bill Cervenik vetoed the last proposal

Council and the city administration had entered into a heated debate at the last council meeting, Feb. 18, during a discussion of a resolution that would allow for an update to the 2011 evaluation of the police department by the Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police.

The resolution passed council 5 4, with members Patrick Delaney, Laura Gorshe, Daryl Langman, Patrick McLaughlin and Madeline Scarniench voting for the resolution, and Stephana Caviness, council president Kirsten Holzheimer Gail, Kristian Jarosz, and Kandace Jones voting against.

In response to the passage, Cervenik vetoed the resolution, and a motion to reconsider has been placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting of council on March 3.

Because the mayor vetoed the resolution . the charter says council may reconsider the resolution, Euclid Law Director Chris Frey said. Council will vote to reconsider, which needs a simple majority of five council members. If that passes, council can discuss the merits to override Achat Kamagra Pas Cher the mayor s veto.

After the discussion to override the mayor s veto, council can vote and will need six affirmative votes. If the motion to reconsider does not have a simple majority, the veto will stand and there will be no further discussion or second vote.

According to the resolution, city council desires to build upon the progress made within EPD since mid 2011 and it is sound management practice to periodically check on implementation progress through an impractical organization.

The resolution further states, be it resolved by the council of the city of Euclid: that the administration is directed to contact the OACP to evaluate the EPD, that a preliminary meeting be set up with OACP . that such a meeting be arranged as soon as possible . and funds to pay for OACP will come from the general fund.

During the Feb. 18 meeting, a motion was made to table the resolution and send it to the Safety Committee. That motion failed 4 5.

The initial evaluation occurred in 2011 after the department had serious internal problems and Equipoise Racehorse the suicide of Sgt. Kevin Blakeley.

A 90 page report and full evaluation was created by OACP that outlined several areas the department should work on and included issues that needed to be addressed by the city in order to bring closure to these areas so that morale and espirt de corps can be renewed.

Since then, the police department did its "Comprar Gh Jintropin" own evaluation, most recently in 2013, to show how the department has been progressing.

I was a little bit surprised and confused by this legislation we are discussing tonight (Feb. 18), Police Chief Tom Brickman said at the meeting. It s not because none of sponsoring council members came to me to ask my opinion or discuss their concerns they might have for the police operations. I was confused because, as you are aware, the OACP did an departmental evaluation in 2011 and I was recently asked at a Safety Committee meeting for an update.

A 46 page update was completed by the department, and given to council Jan. 9.

Approximately six weeks have passed since (council) has received this document and no one has asked any questions, he said. If the progress we have made on the report is not of a concern, why would anyone want to burden the taxpayers with the cost of a second report.

Cervenik said at the meeting he agrees with the chief, and does not agree with the legislation, especially some of the wording, as he feels it goes against his powers in the city charter.

I told (OACP), the "Comprar Gh Jintropin" mayor nor the chief are interested right now (in having an evaluation done), he said. The Euclid Police Department is doing just fine. The report we received by OACP in 2011 was very helpful but was a very different time.

You can pass this resolution tonight (Feb. 18), but the OACP will not be coming to the city of Euclid at this time.

With the veto and motion to reconsider, several council members shared their thoughts with The News Herald on this issue via email.

For me it is simple, Scarniench said. First off it was not our idea to bring the Chiefs in but the Mayor s. The original audit took place 2 years ago. I would like to see from their point what recommendations that they made have been implemented and which ones haven t. If they haven t, I would like to know why not. I know the report that was given to us was internal, but I think it should again be done by a third party with no vested interest.

Holzheimer Gail said: The only way an organizational evaluation will be effective is if all parties (Chief and police Department, Council and Mayor) want it and agree on the purpose and scope. I will be glad to participate in a discussion to review the progress to date and determine together if an update is needed.

Meanwhile, Langman said: The resolution is a win win in so many ways, to close the loop on the 2011 OACP process. Outside evaluations are very common, especially in health care; It will give a picture of the EPD today, in 2014; it verifies progress made within the department; it points out areas where further improvements can be made and it gives the 25 plus new officers brought on since 2011 an anonymous opportunity to comment and suggest ideas for improvement for the EPD.

Jones said: My opinion is not to get the "buy cheap jintropin online" 2nd evaluation at this time. We (Council) need to identify areas we want follow up on whether from the original evaluation, the report from Capt. Roller or other areas. Take the area in question and identify what if any resolutions have "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" been identified, if none why and action Primobolan Xbs plan if needed. I don t agree another evaluation is going to address resolutions for areas of question.

Attempts to reach Cervenik and Brickman for further comments were unsuccessful.

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